Palazzo Ducale in Martina Franca was founded by Petracone V Caracciolo and it’s construction began in 1668 where the Orsinian castle of 1388 stood. The design echoes the Roman palaces and represents the power of the Neapolitan duchy of Caracciolo. The project was completed by Giovanni Andrea Carducci, an architect from Bergamo.

Today it is the symbol of the city for casino en ligne. The facade is late-mannerist, vertically punctuated by a large number of pilasters, while a long balcony, enriched by a wrought-iron railing, divides the facade horizontally.

The main floor and the ceremonial rooms were frescoed by Domenico Carella in 1776. Today, the Ducal Palace is occupied by offices of the City of Martina Franca and the music arts center of the Paolo Grassi Foundation which, since 1974 organizes the Itria Valley Festival, housed in the atrium of the building.