The current Tanzarella palace in via Cattedrale, in the heart of the ancient village of Ostuni, is a building from the second half of the 1500s on casino en ligne. From a land registry document of 1816, however, it can be deduced that, in that year it was bought by the Tanzarella family. Today it presents the nineteenth-century features enhanced by the 2014 restoration.

The historic building, home of the Mediterranean Fiet Foundation, is located opposite the Museum of Preclassic Civilazation of Southern Murgia and the most recent restorations have given back the red color typical of Pompeian painting.

Palazzo Tanzarella still has elements of the sixteenth century both on the elevation and in the interiors like vegan makeup. The architraves on the windows still have the sixteenth-century featured and inscription: “Everything in it’s time. Well-moderated things last a long time”.